Plant-based Pregnancy

Pregnancy is hard work. You’re growing a tiny human one cell at a time! Eating healthy is important but it isn’t everything. Forgive your cravings and misgivings and let it go. There’s enough guilt and judgment when it comes to being a mommy. Do the best you can, it’s enough. Listen to your body, it’s enough. Try your best, it’s enough. You got this. One day at a time. One hour at a time. You can do this. You are enough.

Focus on plant-based protein and fiber as best you can. If you don’t eat enough fiber you may suffer in preventable ways, but if you can’t choke it down. It’s enough. When all you can do is lie in bed and eat crackers. It’s enough. Try to fiber up your saltine crackers by swapping them for a whole wheat alternative. Swap boxed pancake mix for a whole wheat version or try making some oatmeal pancakes from scratch. Craving pasta? Try Banza’s chickpea pasta for fiber and protein. Maybe add a handful of spinach or frozen berries to your smoothie or lentils to soup. Can you add ground flax seed to your cereal? Do what you can and it’s enough. Try again tomorrow. Can’t stomach the idea of beans? What about tacos or burritos or a bowl of tortilla chips and refried beans? Keep trying to add plant-based fiber and protein whenever you can and when you can’t, it’s enough. You did it. You got through another day of pregnancy and it’s enough. You are enough.

My Pregnancy Journey

Pregnancy felt hard. Much harder than I had anticipated. Every woman and every stage of pregnancy is different, and my pregnancy felt like a challenge I wasn’t ready to handle most days. I wouldn’t say I had many cravings; it was more like are there any foods that won’t make me feel more nauseous right now? Often there weren’t many options and it constantly changed from day to day. Skipping meals or snacks was out of the question as it made me feel even worse. We were living in the city at the time, without a car, so my poor loving husband masked up during the early days of the pandemic and walked to the grocery store daily to buy things I ultimately wouldn’t end up eating. My daughter recently turned two, and I would do it all over again in a heart beat. It was worth it.

Plant-based Meal/Snack Ideas I Enjoyed

1st Trimester: 
2nd Trimester:
3rd Trimester: 

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  1. A BABY GIRL!!!!!!! I am so happy for you! Thanks for the food menu ideas! I’m not preggo but I will check out the food ideas!

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