Kimberly Slater is a wife, mommy, and a plant-based dietitian. Research shows again and again that a well-balanced, plant-filled diet is the best thing we can do for our bodies, budgets, children and the planet. This website is dedicated to recipes and information to help you become your healthiest, most vibrant self.

 Always eat plants.


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Simple Tips to Boost Your Immune System

The Immune System The coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting communities around the world. By now you know to wash your hands with soap, refrain from touching your face, and avoid contact with sick individuals. These steps can help reduce our risk of getting sick, but what else can we do? Studies show that our diet and…

I’m Not Okay, But That’s Okay.

Are you ok? It’s been a rough couple of months for everyone. For me it started last June when we temporarily moved to Boston and I unintentionally began social distancing myself (I am working remotely for the year and started a distance learning master’s program in Biomedical Egyptology—which turned out to not be my cup…

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