White Bean Alfredo Zoodle Bowl

White Bean Alfredo Zoodle Bowl

  • Servings: 3-4
  • Difficulty: easy
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Like I said in my last Zoodle post, my friend Arnetta gave me a spirilizer and I have to say that it's just so much fun! With it I've made Pad Thai (recipe below), Potato-Zoodle Salad (recipe coming soon), Hummus Zoodles, and the Alfredo recipe for today. I'm planning on eating zoodles with marinara sauce and cashew parmesan, throwing them in soups, and maybe even a zoodle casserole in the future! I'm not sure why I didn't buy myself this little device years ago, but I'm so glad my friend gave me one. So either get yourself a spirilizer or just get yourself an Arnetta! 😉 Zoodles forever!



  1. If you have a spiralizer then you can use it and get the job done quickly. If you don’t then you can easily use a vegetable peeler to make long thin strips with your zucchini and carrots.
  2. Wash basil, remove leaves from stems, and set leaves aside.
  3. Wash cherry tomatoes, slice in half, and set aside.
  4. Make cashew parmesan (or just always keep some on hand) and set aside.
  5. Make 1 batch of white bean alfredo sauce and either blend until hot or heat after blending.
  6. To Serve: divide carrot and zucchini zoodles into four. Top each serving with about 1/4 cup of heated white bean alfredo sauce, 1 tablespoon cashew parmesan, 1/4 cup cherry tomatoes, and several fresh basil leaves. Enjoy!
  7. This bowl also tastes great with a side of Mushroom Risotto, Baked Butternut Squash (with cashew parmesan), or Mushroom Risotto Stuffed Butternut Squash.

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